Luck Ecosystems

What to do with byproducts? Create a thriving new company.

In 2014, onsite engineers at Luck Stone—one of the most re- spected stone and aggregate companies in the country—began asking what could be done with the tons of byproduct they produced. The answer: a lot.

  • Internal & external research
  • Iconography
  • Naming
  • Business systems
  • Brand theme
  • Collateral development
  • Verbal platform
  • Website
  • Identity development
  • E-marketing
  • Color palette
  • Brand guidelines
  • Typography
Luck Ecosystems
“Luck has the blending capability and the desire and expertise to customize their media mixes. They have the ability to do whatever we need...their blending facility can do a 1% adjustment. In our industry, close isn’t good enough, it has to be exact and that’s where Luck has the advantage.”


Engineers at Luck Stone developed a family of Earth-friendly products that naturally filter waterways, protect eroding shorelines, support plant life and enhance sports surfaces. The parent company, Luck Companies, launched a subsidiary with these products and asked Duality to help name, brand and position the new company in a competitive market.

Duality conducted extensive interviews with stakeholders at Luck Companies and Luck Stone. External interviews took place with current Luck customers, as well as prospective Luck Ecosystem customers. Verbal and visual competitive audits were also conducted to identify an ownable position for Luck Ecosystems in the market.

“They're not just providing topsoil. The reason I go to Luck is because they provide a highly engineered component against a tough spec. There's real science and engineering behind their ability to mix to my needs.”

Naming & Identity

The name for the new subsidiary needed to fall within the Luck family of companies—the Luck name holds almost universal positive equity across markets. Luck Ecosystems was chosen to help infuse the Luck master brand and Luck Stone business unit brand with environmental innovation.

The Luck Ecosystems lockup lives within the Luck family of identities, which all include a signature four leaf clover. A dark teal was chosen to reference the business’s environmental focus, and to distinguish the wordmark from the black and gray of other Luck identities.

Luck Ecosystems

Verbal Platform

Duality developed a brand theme for Luck Ecosystems that became the organization’s anthem, living across applications and anchoring key pieces, such as the website. A brand promise, brand attributes, positioning statement and strategic key messages rounded out their verbal platform.

Iconography & Product Naming

The Luck Ecosystems product line needed names and identities. Duality recommended a family of names and short descriptors, as well as a clean iconography system. Codified with a distinct color and type treatment, the icons are designed to work together and independently.

Brand Applications

Duality created an integrated communications plan to launch the Luck Ecosystems brand internally and externally. The new brand entered the market fully formed, allowing the Luck Ecosystems team to hit the ground running.


Duality assisted Luck Ecosystems’ internal marketing team in the targeted launch of the new division and its family of environmentally-driven products. The launch reached a wide audience including groundskeepers, landscapers and landscape architects and environmental engineers.

Luck Ecosystems quickly became a leading producer of performance media in the Mid-Atlantic region.