Guiding Every Decision

Duality operates by a set of principals honed over decades of experience in the B2B branding world. These beliefs guide our process and work, and have helped us transform the playing field for dozens of companies in complex markets.

Start with Why

Good brands talk about what they do and how they do it. Great brands start with why.

Ad ≠ Brand

A brand is all-encompassing and experiential.

Shut Up & Listen

If you listen first to the audience you are trying to influence, they will tell you the answer.

Branding = Storytelling

The better it is, the more your audience will listen.

Me Too vs. Me Only

Strong brands neutralize competitive strengths (Me Too) and exploit competitive weaknesses (Me Only).

Less = More

A compelling brand simplifies the complex.


Your brand’s value must be defined in tangible terms.

Medium ≠ Message

A brand informs marketing strategies and tactics, not vice versa.

Rigid + Flexible

A brand is consistent, yet nimble, and adaptable to the realities of its audience and their markets.

You’re Never Finished

Your brand is a process, not an endpoint.

Content = King; Credibility = Queen

Brand depth and authenticity are cost of entry.

You, Me, We

A brand empathizes with, and respects, its target audience.

Balancing Act

A brand must balance the emotional with the rational to resonate with, and inspire, decision-makers at all levels of an organization—ground floor to C-suite.

You Complete Me

A brand is a reflection of your people, products, services—today and tomorrow.

Duality Branding