Embold Health

Patients deserve better. Let science lead the way.

A startup came to Duality with an important mission: employing data analytics to change the way patients access healthcare.

  • Naming
  • Strategic messaging
  • Identity development
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Business systems
Embold Health


It’s estimated that unnecessary healthcare costs over $640 billion a year in the United States. Duality’s client wanted to shift this reality through data. A powerful team of physicians and researchers applied leading-edge analytics on proprietary datasets. As a result, the startup had the means to give patients and organizations new insights into care.

Embold Health


The executive team planned to launch at a leading conference for health innovation. Duality had two months and counting to develop a brand that would help the organization launch successfully. The Duality team performed an abbreviated version of our research process, including hours of interviews with the executive team, a competitive audit and the development of brand attributes.

Brand Attributes

  • Trustworthy
  • Honest
  • Helpful
  • Friendly
  • Open
  • Objective
  • Intuitive


Duality generated over 1,000 names, then narrowed options to a shortlist based on strategy, legal availability and URL potential. The names included descriptive, invented, associative and invented options. The team ultimately chose Embold Health as their company name.

Embold Health


With a name chosen, the design team immediately began exploring and refining ideas. In collaboration with the Embold team, three finalists rose to the top, and after additional color palette exploration, an identity was unanimously selected.

Embold Health
Embold Health

Key Messaging

Duality developed key strategic messaging in close collaboration with Embold leaders. With a very public launch, messaging was needed to keep the team on track when speaking with the press, investors, potential partners and future employees. The messages were also used to guide content development on their website. High-level messages are shown below, while robust, detailed messaging remains confidential.

Embold Health

Brand Launch

Duality quickly designed business systems so the Embold team could present at the health conference united by their new identity and confident in their brand. The Embold team successfully launched in May 2018 and cemented their position as a leader in healthcare analytics and innovation.

Embold Health