Time to make a (strategic) move.

AspenTech’s strategic vision for whole-plant optimization called for a revitalized brand that resonated “beyond the pipes” and into new markets.

  • Tagline
  • Brand promise
  • Key messaging
  • Brand attributes
  • Visual platform refinement
  • Launch support


For decades, AspenTech has been a trusted partner to help control processes in the oil refinement industry, where both the physical materials and markets are volatile. AspenTech’s software is a key factor behind many companies’ smooth plant operations.

After decades of honing their expertise, AspenTech wanted to expand their offering into predictive maintenance and asset optimization, which would enable potential entry into new markets. The organization needed to tell a broader story, one that shared how its existing and expanding capabilities aligned across mission-critical process industries.


The Duality team interviewed executives at AspenTech and a range of customers, from engineers to the c-suite. A thorough competitive audit provided insights into where AspenTech could successfully expand, both from a business strategy and branding perspective. This research provided the groundwork for the brand strategy and, ultimately, creative assets.

“Our products love complexity. Volatile industries, high volume, high tech and extremely hostile environments. Even a small improvement can make big differences in profitability for the customer.” —Executive VP, AspenTech
“The complexity of the refining process is not for everyone. The process is challenging to manage because it’s dynamic and volatile. You have to embrace these complexities to succeed. That’s why I’m here. I love the challenge and need partners with software that thrive in this environment. Only the best will get to the top and stay there.” —Engineering Director, Chemical Refinery


Duality delivered a branding strategy premised on turning one of manufacturing’s greatest challenges—complexity—into a competitive advantage when processed through AspenTech software.


Verbal platform

Duality developed a full verbal platform for AspenTech, including a brand promise, positioning statement and key messages. The platform was designed to create consistency in communication across the company. This was critical for the sales force, which was key in bringing AspenTech into new markets.


Visual platform

AspenTech wanted to retain the equity it had built in its logo over time. Duality helped the organization refine its visual platform, including color palette, illustration and photography styles, as well as visual graphics and patterns. Duality also helped AspenTech apply its new brand across web, video, business systems, data sheets and corporate presentations.



AspenTech successfully launched the company’s refined brand position and new messaging at its annual OPTIMIZE User Conference.

AspenTech leveraged their new brand platform to improve performance by deepening relationships in existing markets and expanding into multiple new markets, all while retaining dominance in oil and gas refinement.