Telling the story of a disruptor.

Agilis, a leading turbine engineering firm, had an ace in its pocket: proprietary software that gave them an edge over the competition. Now it was time to tell the market its story.

  • Internal & external research
  • Typography
  • Tagline
  • Business systems
  • Brand promise
  • Collateral development
  • Verbal platform
  • Video
  • Identity development
  • Brand guidelines
  • Color palette
  • External brand communications
“People at Agilis understand the phenomena that are critical to us with our engines. They have the expertise and understanding of the variables that affect engine performance...they are critical to our growth and differentiating our engines in the market.”


For decades, Agilis operated under the radar as a premier turbine engine development, testing and engineering firm. Agilis claimed a unique corner of the market by providing advanced services from senior engineers—hand-picked engine gurus with many years of experience working for the world’s leading engine manufacturers.

Agilis asked Duality to help raise awareness of its brand while also repositioning its core engineering services, while also naming and positioning its revolutionary turbine blade analysis software. The brand process started with rigorous research. Extensive employee and customer interviews, as well as competitive auditing, provided the insights we needed to fuel the strategic and creative work.

Identity & Tagline

Agilis needed a new master identity that would reach across the three arms of the organization: Agilis Engineering, Agilis Measurement Systems and Agilis Management.

Duality developed a new tagline and overall brand theme of “Revolutionary Insight” for Agilis, speaking to the organization’s ability to derive previously impossible insights into turbine performance.


Design exploration led to a bold, dynamic workmark. The identity is set in an italic, forward moving type to express the meaning behind the Agilis name—Agilis translates from the Latin to nimble, agile, quick. The movement in the arm of the A mimics the swoop of a turbine blade, and a jet wing in its counter-form, while the strong typeface conveys the confidence and expertise of the entire Agilis organization.

Verbal Platform

Based on insights gathered through research, Duality developed a comprehensive verbal platform for Agilis, including a brand promise, brand attributes, positioning statement and key messages.

Brand Attributes

  • Collaborative
  • Confident
  • Expert
  • Insightful
  • Responsive
  • Trustworthy
“[Agilis] is the cream of the crop in mechanical engineering...these people are geniuses. The next step is NASA. There is nothing cooler than a gas turbine engine. It drives material development for the entire universe.”

Sub-brand Identity

The blade analysis software from Agilis—the ace in its pocket—needed a name, visual identity and full brand strategy. Duality developed the name and descriptor c360™ Vibration Intelligence Software. The family naming system for the c360 product suite was also developed by Duality, including c360 Off Line, Real Time, Torque and Health.

Duality also named a new data visualization technology, DataLens™, and an internal quality management group within Agilis was coined the QNgine team.

Brand Guidelines

With the Agilis marketing team, Duality orchestrated an inspiring integrated program to introduce the new company and software brands to employees, while comprehensive Brand Guidelines ensured the consistent application of the brand elements. An external rollout to global markets included a new website, brand essence video, e-marketing program, online advertising and trade show booth presence.

External Brand Communications

Since the brand revitalization, Agilis has captured its rightful place as a true leader in turbine engine design, development and testing services. The Company’s workforce has nearly doubled and Agilis has added a new office on the West Coast to support burgeoning business with large engine manufacturers in that region.

Agilis c360™ software is now the industry-leading technology for blade deflection analysis. Worldwide engine manufacturers rely on Agilis and its c360 software suite to design, develop and deliver better engines for commercial and military markets.

Since the brand revitalization and rollout, the Agilis workforce has nearly doubled.