We Are Brand Engineers
We craft distinctive brands that connect, inspire, motivate and drive growth in the most complex B2B industries.
Client Experience
Working Together
Duality works along every vector of brand engineering. We help start-ups, and the world’s most admired business-to-business enterprises, in myriad industries across the globe. Below are some of the clients whose brands we've helped redefine.
Solving for X
Through qualitative and quantitative research, we uncover the truth about what makes your company unique and valued from the perspective of your customers and prospects. Each element of your brand is then crafted through this lens.
Brand Insight
Qualitative Research
  • Internal
  • External
Quantitative Research
  • Methodology
  • Analysis
Competitive Auditing
  • Verbal/Visual
Customer Profiling
  • Decision Drivers
  • Process Mapping
  • Personas
Brand Creation
Verbal Platform
  • Naming
  • Positioning
  • Promise
  • Messaging
  • Tagline
Visual Platform
  • Identity
  • Typography
  • Color Palette
  • Composition
  • Syntax
  • Imagery Style
  • Illustration Style
  • Iconography
  • Information Design
  • Master/Sub-brand Strategy
  • System Mapping
  • Nomenclature
  • Basic
  • Advanced
Brand Launch
  • Internal
  • External
  • Offline
  • Online
Born from Insight, Not Opinion
In our industry, many firms talk brand, few listen. By listening first, we discover deeper insights—about your customers, your markets, your company and you.
Duality crafts verbal and visual strategies born from objective, research-driven insight—not subjective opinion. Our proven, research-based methodology has been honed over 30 years and is designed to make the most complex technology brands more outward-facing.
Our approach uncovers a brand’s true, differentiated strategy and tightly couples this strategy to the needs of the target audience.
Duality follows a rigorous, yet efficient approach designed to strengthen the connections between brand and audience.
Discover. First we illuminate the needs, challenges, expectations and decision-making criteria of your current and potential customers.
Develop. We then meld the rational and emotional decision drivers of your target audience to create a distinctive brand that connects, inspires, motivates and grows.
Deliver. Finally we help launch your new brand, strategically capturing internal buy-in and generating external interest.
Guiding Every Decision
Duality operates by a set of principals honed over decades of experience in the B2B branding world. These beliefs guide our process and work, and have helped us transform the playing field for dozens of companies in complex markets.
Start with Why
Good brands talk about what they do and how they do it.
Great brands start with why.
Ad ≠ Brand
A brand is all-encompassing and experiential.
Shut Up & Listen
If you listen first to the audience you are trying to influence, they will tell you the answer.
Branding = Storytelling
The better it is, the more your audience will listen.
Me Too vs. Me Only
Strong brands neutralize competitive strengths (Me Too)
and exploit competitive weaknesses (Me Only).
Less = More
A compelling brand simplifies the complex.
Your brand’s value must be defined in tangible terms.
Medium ≠ Message
A brand informs marketing strategies and tactics, not vice versa.
Rigid + Flexible
A brand is consistent, yet nimble, and adaptable to the realities of its audience and their markets.
You’re Never Finished
Your brand is a process, not an endpoint.
Content = King; Credibility = Queen
Brand depth and authenticity are cost of entry.
You, Me, We
A brand empathizes with, and respects, its target audience.
Balancing Act
A brand must balance the emotional with the rational to resonate with, and inspire, decision-makers at all levels of an organization—ground floor to C-suite.
You Complete Me
A brand is a reflection of your people, products, services
—today and tomorrow.
Unearthing the Truth
Duality is an experienced, nimble team of verbal and visual brand experts, solving serious business problems for clients in the most challenging technology markets.
To the Nth Power
Duality has assembled a powerful network of independent senior practitioners each with focused expertise in a particular branding discipline; individuals like us, with whom we collaborate as-needed to flexibly expand our capacity and capability for a given client engagement.
This keeps our overhead—and your costs—low. Speed, efficiency and effectiveness are among the hallmarks of the Duality client experience. But it’s our passion for helping businesses grow that sets us apart.
Behind Every Great Brand is a Powerful Story
Duality thrives in industries characterized by long sales cycles, complex value propositions, and high price points. We work in sectors where products are mission critical, from mil-aero to mining, software to semiconductors.
Our first priority is building brands with purpose—from growing revenue and shareholder value to achieving market share dominance.
While your brand is a means to move your business, first it must move people. And in the high-tech markets in which Duality specializes—markets just like yours—the people you need to move are intelligent, skeptical and time-deprived.
We'll help you tell your brand story in a way that inspires your customers, and your employees, to listen, to move and to engage.
You have the answer to your customers’ deepest challenge. Now let’s inspire them to engage and buy.
Too many brands reflect an inward-oriented communication culture—one in which the company spends most of its energy talking to itself. Duality crafts brand experiences that help companies speak directly to their target audiences, engaging in clear, outward-facing conversations about solutions, no matter how complex the industry.
Click through our portfolio to view recent Duality work. For more detailed stories of customer successes and ROI, read our case studies.

We’d Like to Hear Your Story
Duality associates are based in Austin, Boston, Cleveland and Portland (ME). Our clients are everywhere, from California to Copenhagen. We’re available to meet in person or virtually, wherever you’re located.